It can be hard to figure out whether it would be best to use a ceiling fan in a room or just install a light. There are a number of pros and cons that people can take into consideration to help them make this decision.

Potential Energy Savings

While running a fan most of the time during the day when the light is one may not seem like a way to save energy, the fan circulates the air to help it maintain a consistent temperature and can make the room feel warmer or cooler, depending on the direction a homeowner has the blades turning. This combination can lead to slightly lower heating and cooling bills. Some of these fans, including a number of different Casablanca Fans, are also rated as being particularly energy efficient, making them even better choices for people looking to save on their energy bills.

Noise Consideration

One of the main drawbacks to many affordable ceiling fans is that they can be a little noisy. This can become more pronounced over time, so check the reviews to find a fan that people recommend as being quiet from the start. This noise is one reason why some people don’t like ceiling fans in bedrooms.

Can Be Unattractive

Not everyone likes the look of the typical ceiling fan, but these days there are all sorts of Ceiling Fans that are quite attractive or unique looking. For example, the Quorum International Monaco 52-inch Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan in satin nickel has blades that look like leaves. Those who truly want something different may want to consider the Quorum International Pinwheel 46-inch Ceiling Fan, which looks like a kid’s pinwheel with each blade a different color of the rainbow. This would be great for a child’s room or playroom.

Height Considerations

Just be sure to choose a fixture that will not hang down too low. You don’t want it to be dangerous for taller friends or family members. Rooms with low ceilings may be better off with just a light fixture or with a low-profile fan that doesn’t contain lighting, as the lighting typically goes below the fan and exterior ceiling fans makes it hang lower overall. Save the ceiling fans for rooms with a higher ceiling so nobody risks banging their head on the fan.

Cleaning Difficulties

It isn’t always easy to clean these fans, especially when they are very high above your head. Dusters with extension poles can help, but then the dust sometimes goes into the air and rains down on whoever is below the fan. Some people climb up on ladders and use a pillow case for this job so the dust goes inside the case, which then just needs to be washed in the laundry.